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Awesome treatment without leaving home.


I love this app, not feeling well for minor things you dont have to worry about making an appointment and having to wait for weeks! They take you on the spot or no wait at all!! Totally recommend it to everyone!

Great experience.

I booked an appointment same day and received excellent care. They listen to your symptoms and ask real questions like any other Dr. without having to wait in a sitting room

Saves time and better than sitting for hours in the ER and saves money too.

How awesome it is knowing u dont have to leave your house when you feeling sick. My BF was sick with a bad cough and could hardly function I said lets call, the Dr was so patient she listened , diagnosed him and received the precription all in about 1hr. The next morning he was cured and ready to get back to work. Thank you thats so amazing and saves so much time....

Great idea and experience

Set up a time- 15min vid chat with a very kind and knowledgeable doctor. Sent prescription to pharmacy of choice. This app worked as promised and is highly recommended.

Great App

Coming down with the flu after caring for my son. A quick 10 min call and I had a consultation with the doctor. Highly recommended!!

Great service!

Perfect for to replace those times you know you cannot get into see your regular doctor on short notice.

Great First Virtual Visit!!

Dr Joy Wilson was friendly, personable and knowledgable. I appreciate her awareness of medical treatments as well as other non pharmaceutical methods for wellness. The app was easy to use and the FaceTime visit was enjoyable :). From the comfort of my own home and with no drive/wait time. Doesnt get any better!

Excellent app and service

This was the best experience ever and the app is amazing. Put in all your info, chat with a great bedside manner doctor, diagnosed in a jiffy, Rx shot to the pharmacy, done in 9 minutes! Better than waiting at urgent care for hours.

Super Easy and Helpful

I was nervous and a bit skeptical at first, but this was the easiest doctors visit I have ever had. (I actually spoke to the doctor from my car so I wouldnt wake my sleeping kids!) Overall, a great experience and very informative. Worth the price and only took a few minutes.

Thorough and Efficient

As someone without health insurance I appreciate the free market working with Doctor on Demand. The doctor I saw was thorough and efficient and I didnt even have to leave the house! Ill definitely use the service again!

Doctor on demand is fantastic.

I tried Doctor on Demand when my family, all six of us, got sick after we were sprayed by many jets last week. But this has been going on for decades. You know that the jets have finished spraying when their exhaust can no longer be seen and the jets keep on flying. There is big money in making us sick. Most of those who die from getting sick from the jet spray save the government their social security and other retirement money. That is why our retirement funds went into the markets. They use our money and give us little to nothing to retire on. We probably never will retire because they need us to keep making them money. And we do. We need to take our funds out of retirement accounts unless they give at least 20 percent return. Greed is why my family is sick but Doctor on Demand made it easier to get better faster. Thank you Doctor on Demand.


I waited less than 2 minutes for a doctor. Absolutely 100% worth the money. I didnt have to schlep to the urgent care clinic. I was diagnosed on my living room couch, so convenient.

THIS is medicine in the 21st century. Finally! No waiting for two hours in a waiting room full of very sick people and paying way too much for quality healthcare. Thank you Dr. on-demand!

Love them!

I really like this app! So easy for the minor visits when you really dont want or need to leave the house! Plus its $50 but some insurance brings it down to less than one of the quick care places, and you dont have to sit in a germy waiting room!

Fantastic in a pinch!!

I was away at college while I developed a sudden illness and could not get to my normal Doctor. I found this app was able to get an appointment right away. I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how helpful the doctor was. I would definitely recommend this app if youre in a pinch and dont want to deal with the hassle of Urgent Care or in my case the overcrowded University Health center.

Quick and to the point

So happy I didnt waste money going to urgent care. Set up an appt. met with the dr and he sent my scripts to the pharmacy!!

Pink eye on Sunday morning

Woke up with my eye glued shut. 10 minutes later the doctor had my Rx sent to the pharmacy. Cant beat that for a Sunday morning !!!

Excellent Service!

We are a busy family of 5 and weve used Doctor on Demand several times for common issues like UTIs and colds. Its fast, VERY affordable (we are cash patients), and the docs are great! I feel like Im being listened to more on these video calls than in some docs offices. I highly recommend Doctor on Demand!

So easy!!

I had pink eye for a number of days. My primary couldnt fit me in and I sat at the local Urgent care for 3 hours waiting to be seen until I had to leave to pick up my kids from school- never having been seen by the practitioner!! In desperation I tried Dr on Demand and had a visit and Rx in 5 min!! The cost was about the same as my co-pay at the Urgent care would have been. I will definitely try Dr on Demand again for small medical issues!

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