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Quick and easy. Very helpful

Was five stars...

Had an appointment this morning about 7 hours ago. Original request was for antibiotics (which is saying something since I havent taken them in years). The doctor convinced me that they were not appropriate for my infected cyst but that I could call back if my chills got worse or I had other symptoms of infection. What he neglected to tell me was that I had to wait 24 hours or start a new paid call. I dont need another consult, I just want the flipping antibiotics I originally requested. Epic fail.

Fantastic experience

If you have a common illness that may need a prescription, this app is fantastic. Quality care and the doctor was very helpful. I didnt even have to leave my room to get a prescription for the medicine I needed, thereby skipping potentially hours at a clinic.

Saves Time, Money, and Was a Great Experience

I was so impressed with Dr. On Demand! The app is super easy to use and also the appointments are very affordable. My doctor was very thorough and friendly, and I am very satisfied with my experience! It saved me hours from sitting in an Urgent Care waiting room, as I was able to get an appointment right away and from the comfort of my home. Will be telling everyone about this!


A bit more expensive than a regular doctor visit, but it saves you the trip and waiting room and still feels like youre getting the utmost care. Highly recommended.

Treated My Sons Rash on a Sunday Morning

My 16 month old woke up with a rash. The doctor was super nice and thoughtful. She determined he needed a prescription that she called into the pharmacy near my house.


So easy and quick! Took about 30 mins total to enter in information and speak to a doctor. Its nice I didnt even have to leave my house - makes it convenient so I dont even have to take time off from work.

Quick and Convenient...

Found the app listed on health insurance website. Better than waiting in a room with other sick people and was cheaper than an in-person visit.

Very good experience

This is very helpful especially for those who need prescription on an evening of a weekend. The doctor i talked to at least is very professional. He called me on time, he analyzes fast and he seems to be accurate. Awesome experience for a first time user!

Quick and Excellent Experience

The overall process took less than 30 minutes to enter all the information, wait for a doctor, and complete the exam. It was a great experience that I would definitely recommend to others. I will be using this service again.

So easy

This is way better than waiting at the doctors office. So fast and easy!

Highly recommended

Quick and easy! The Dr. was very thorough and kind!!!

Fast and easy.

So easy to use and Dr was kind. Will use again

Cant believe this exists!

The app works well and I just had my first virtual doctors appointment! Such an amazing service when youre feeling crumby or cant get to a doctor.


Not literally, but def what I needed to treat my poison sumac rash quickly before I headed out of town. Highly recommend for minor ailments/injuries when you are short on time and cant get in to your reg physician

Freaking amazing!

I Google searches internet doctors and found the app. Within 30 minutes Ive been seen by the doctor, insurance covered the visit, and prescription was sent to my pharmacy. Literally the best thing ever. Im a working mom and my husband is out of town and Im suffering with a sinus infection with no time to go to the doctor. This saved me!

Super Fast, Easy, and Friendly

Within minutes of downloading the app, I was provided a consultation by a friendly doctor. He asked questions about symptoms, explained everything he was doing while talking, and ensured I understood how to take the meds and what to do if I did not get better. I could pick my pharmacy and pay by scanning my credit card! Love this service and will definitely use it again!!


When youre too sick to get out of bed and want to avoid the germs in a waiting room, this is well worth it. Great for people that cant miss work too.

Waste of money

You can learn the same info off of webMD and they still need you to go to a real doctor


Going to the doctor is a huge pain in the butt with my current medical provider. So much so that I often skip talking to a medical professional when theres a possibility that an issue will resolve itself on its own. Totally not a healthy way to live. So when I contracted the flu I refused to go to the doctor, even when it really looked like my symptoms were from a bacterial infection instead of a virus. Eventually my parents convinced me I need to go see a doctor, and a friend told me about doctor on demand. I was fairly skeptical but hate going to the hospital enough to where I was willing to try an alternative. HOLY COW. Everything was so easy and affordable. They can even write prescriptions! I was able to book an appointment, talk to a doctor, and get an antibiotic prescription all in a very short amount of time. The user experience of the app was extremely well done, I wasnt confused at any point and the app was able to answer any question I had in its FAQ. I didnt feel like I missed anything I would get from a real doctor visit for a minor illness either. This is one of those services that you experience and everything works so much better than the alternative that you have to step back and go "woah, this is the future."

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